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February 04, 2007

Free Traffic to your Blog

By Jag Senghera

Here are some ways you can get web traffic to your blog for free. Getting traffic to your blog is not easy. A new blog might get 10 - 20 vistor's daily. If your blog is good and updated frequently it will give you up to 100 - 200 vistor's daily. Some blogs like MrSikhNet will have up to 1000 vistors daily. For those who are using adsense to generate some income from your blog, then having 1000 vistors daily will help in the revenue thats generated. However if you just want your blog to be read by an international audience, then its essential you promote your blog. Below is 5 ways I find the most efficient in generating traffic to your site.

1. Tell your Family and Friends

Send an email out to all your friends and family members telling them about your new blog. Send an instant SMS or print the address of your blog on your business card and give it out to people. You could make a Car bumper Sticker with your blog address and Drive your car around town. Finally, add a Tell-a-friend script on your blog, this will enable vistors to invite their friends to check out your blog.

2. Submit to Blog and RSS directories

Whenever I start a new blog, the second thing I do after adding content is to list it on all the blog directories out there. Bloggers will read other people's blogs and they find these blogs via blog directories. The more directories your site is listed the better. You can find a comprehensive list here .

3. Use Technorati.com

Technorati is the best for bloggers when it comes to getting traffic. Using technorati tags on your blog will make it easier to be found when searched. Technorati uses a blog ranking system too. Based on the number of links to your blog from various websites, your blog is given a rank. The higher your rank the easier your blog is to find when people search for things.

Go to www.technorati.com and register your blog with them. They will give you a code you need to add on your blog. Technorati is the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs. By adding your blog to technorati you will double your traffic.

4. Post comments on other people's blog's

When you add a comment to another person's blog, you will be able to add your blog URL to that comment. Curious readers will surf to your blog from the comment you left. Posting comments will increase your link-popularity and hence increasing your standing in search engines. Commenting will build blogger communities and ensure a steady flow of traffic from the blog communities.

5. Participate in Forums.

Some forums will allow you to add your Blog URL on the signature. So when you reply a post or create a thread, what essentially you are doing is promoting your blog to the readers of that forum. Participating in forums will increase you link popularity as well, which means that your blog will be listed higher in search engines like google and MSN.

Internet Marketing Malaysia is a blog that teaches Malaysian and Asian on internet marketing and how to make money from the internet.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jag_Senghera

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At 2/05/2007 09:23:00 am, Anonymous QZoners said...

Maybe you can add one more trick. There is SEO. Search Engine is the most used by browser to get some info that they wantadmin123

At 2/05/2007 02:41:00 pm, Anonymous tata said...

Yup, but SEO is much more techie for beginner like me.. These are just simple ones..


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