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February 07, 2007

The Risk of Being 'Remote' Translator

Technology makes life easier. It supposed to be like that in an ideal condition. Unfortunately, there is always risk that we have to face (and fight) because nothing's perfect in reality.
Of course we have to admit that internet has broadened chances to do many things without going nowhere. Everything could be done in our private room. I have been doing translation works (English - Indonesian, vice versa) for several years and everything is done in a small room where I sleep and I work. My bedroom is my office too and nothing's wrong with that :-)
I don't have to wear suit and tie or shoes while at work, for my clients are somewhere out there. They don't care whether I wear shoes or not, or if I wear clothes or not. The most important thing for them is how I do my job. They only need to have a good translation, and that's all. On the other hand, what I have to do is doing my best to make them satisfied and get a good payment. That's all.
The problem is sometimes I find some clients who try to cheat me. Most 'cheaters' try to delay my payment. There's always a chance to have such annoying thing because no technology can help me to test if my client is honest people or not. We never meet each other and the working relation is purely based on good-will and trust. Lucky me, not so many people like that. When I stuck to people like this, the best thing I can do is to add this one to my black list.
Risk is a part of life. Nothing in this world is 100 % safe with no risk. Trust me, most people are good and only the reast or the smaller part are bad. As long as I do my best, I do believe that nobody can steal my livelihood given by God. Insya Allah.


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