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November 28, 2006

Public Transport

Traffic jam everywhere! This is natural when the number of private owned cars are greater than they should be. There are many wasted spaces when a private car is only used by one or two people whereas many people out there have to fight only to get an uncomfortable space in public transport. They have to jostle each other in a hot space, take the risk of being pickpocketed, snatched etc. So when it is calculated, the cost they have to pay for using public transport is much more expensive, considering the risks they have to take.

Unfortunately, the government has a very low attention to the public transport users. There's almost no efforts done by the government to make them comfortable. To make ideal, the government has to provide low cost and comfortable public transport so that it can reduce the growth number of private cars ownerships. At least, people will prefer to take public transport to go to work. This is cheapest, and it reduces the number of vehicles on the street at rush hours, especially when people go to work or go home.

So, if we want to reduce traffic jam, the key is to make the public transport condition better. It will decrease traffic jam and reduce the air pollution level at the same time. On the other hand, this is also a kind of government's attention to the grass root as the most loyal public transport users. By increasing the condition of public transport, maybe they won't be considered as the second class citizens anymore.

If only the government had a good will!

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