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August 28, 2006

40 Blog Hosting Gratisan!

Jika selama ini Anda mengenal Blogspot dan Multiply sebagai penyedia layanan blog hosting gratisan, sesungguhnya di internet bertebaran penyedia layanan yang kurang lebih sama. Berikut ini saya tuliskan 40 blog hosting gratisan yang saya kutip dari Protagonist Web Reources. Kalau mau iseng, coba saja, siapa tahu ada yang cocok.

  1. wordpress.com
    WordPress.com is an easy and powerful way to start blogging.

  2. EzBlogWorld.com
    Free Blog Hosting Service, using the powerful wordpress system Create your own blog today!

  3. MumsBlog
    Free blogs for mums, and pregnant mothers. Friends list, RSS, and a wide selection of themes.

  4. Bahraich Blogs
    The blog that we give at bahraichblogs.com are 100% search engine friendly and unlike other blogging sites we don't display our advertisements on the blogs. There are lot of exciting templates to choose from.

  5. Weblog One
    Free blog hosting. Weblog One puts the ability to publish news, recipes, journals and other written articles online in your hands. Our system is easy to learn and your articles go online instantly. Articles are indexed by our search engine every two weeks giving you a bigger opportunity to share your knowledys and experience or promote your company news to a wider audience. Register today and experience blogging, newbies are welcome.

  6. Getablog.net - Get a Blog!
    Sign up for your free blog. No banners / advertising.

  7. WeblogPage.com

  8. theblogs.net - Create your journal now
    TheBlogs.Net is a place where you can publish your own free blogs , free journals , free diaries , free news using a powerful an easy-to-use interface.


    * Pre-installed or your own custom template editable online!
    * Search engine friendly URLs
    * WYSIWYG text editor for your blog posts
    * Blog syndication in RSS

  9. FREE SEO blog
    Start your free homepage, in less than a minute!

    NO popups, NO popunders, NO hidden costs!

    This is the site where you can get free blog (website) hosting. With us you can update and publish your free blog quickly and easily! SEO URLs are great support for improving your ranking and combined with strong linking campaign which should support it, you can easily be placed in top 10 search results with your free blog! Engines like Google are the best free traffic generators available and SEO-Friendly URLs may help you in exposing your content to many people on the Net!

  10. Speedy Blog:Free Blog Hosting
    Speedy Blog is a free web log or blog hosting service. Speedy Blog uses Wordpress for each sites blog.

  11. Online Diary and Weblog Service
    Create a free private or public online journal. Features: subdomain url (username.onlinediary.net), 1GB monthly bandwidth, 2MB diskspace, privacy options, commenting system and links manager.

  12. NetHue Free Blog Hosting
    Free blog hosting service. Runs on b2evolution. Features: directory url - nethue.com/username, commenting system, RSS and Atom feeds, privacy options, statistics, image upload, many templates to choose from and smiley support. Ad supported.

  13. Free WebLog Hosting from myblogspace.net
    Blog hosting service powered by WordPress.

  14. Life with Christ
    A free full featured Christian weblog host and community. Some features include username.lifewithchrist.org url, private messaging system, ping, rss feed, email notifications on new comments, configurable blog layout, premade templates, post categories, simple & WYSIWYG blog editors, smileys, commenting system...

  15. JournURL
    JournURL isn't your average personal publishing tool. In constant development since 2000, it tightly integrates the expressive freedom of blogging with something that is often an afterthought: interaction.

    JournURL At-A-Glance:

    * From zero to blog in just a few minutes
    * Unique integration of personal publishing and communal discussion
    * Build photoblogs and photo albums
    * A sophisticated template language for complex sites...
    * ...and menu-driven templates for more basic endea

  16. Globbo Blog /CMS Hosting
    You will get 50MB space, 1 MySQL database for the blog, and free domain (your-username.globbo.org) or you can use your existing domain.
    The only requirement we have is that you link back to globbo.org. And to have fun with your blog, of course!

  17. EFx2Blogs- Free Weblog/Blog Hosting
    Free blog hosting. Features: blog.efx2.com/user/username url, tagboard, smileys, poll, links manager and image gallery with 10MB diskspace. Ad supported.

  18. ebloggy- free blog hosting, blog templates
    eBloggy offers free blog hosting together with tools like blog templates, group blogs and more! With eBloggy, you can update and publish your free blog quickly and easily! Make eBloggy your free blog host today!(username.ebloggy.com), WYSIWYG editor, statistics, customizable design, in-built commenting, links manager and group blogs. Ad supported.

  19. Digital Expressions
    Ad supported. Digital Expressions is a unique community of online diarists. Sign up for a diary if you don't yet have one, or browse through the diary index to find online diaries that interest you.

  20. Blogzy- Free hosted blog Service
    BLOGZY is a free service that gives you the ability to publish blogs and photos online. It comes with a rich set of features, including:

    * >50 MB space for your photos and files
    * >Unlimited number of blogs and photo albums
    * >Posting via email (moblogging)
    * >No banners and pop-ups in blogs

  21. Blogster
    Create your blog in 2 minutes

  22. Bloty Journals
    Free hosting based on the open source LiveJournal code.

  23. Blogigo - Free and easy weblog
    You can get your own free and easy weblog. Key features: blogigo.com/username url, up to 10MB webspace for your images, smileyscommenting system, scheduled publication of entries , RSS feeds , guestbook, polls on your weblog and visitor statistics. Ad supported.

  24. Blog Spirit
    A weblog hosted service that gives user 10MB diskpace, 500MB bandwidth and a subdomain url. Some key features: blog by email, photo albums, privacy option for your albums, comments notification, stats and update your journal with your mobile phone

  25. Alfa Free Blog Hosting
    You can create a free blog here. Key features: username.alfablog.com subdomain url, photo album, customizable weblog design, simple admin interface and WYSIWYG editor, support for multiple authors, multi-lingual support, feed syndication, link management and referers tracking.

  26. Aeonity- Free Blog Community
    Aeonity Blog is a Free Blog Hosting Community where you may publish information instantly on your website and customize your blog to fit your personality. It basically works like an online journal, diary, weblog, or notepad and requires little or no technical background to update and maintain. Your blog posts are arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured prominently for your friends and family to view.

  27. Seo Blog
    Free blog hosting service featuring search engine friendly URLs, multiple authors per blog support, multilingual support, pre-installed scripts and templates

  28. Journal space
    Journalspace is a place for you to post your journal or weblog for free. We provide the hosting, software, and everything you need. Your weblog's URL will be yourname.journalspace.com.

  29. The Home of UK Weblogs
    Thecomma has been created by wight365 internet using the same technologies employed in their dynamic web content management systems. Once you have registered at www.thecomma.co.uk, you are well on the road to becoming a web publisher, or 'blogger'.

  30. ipadder
    ipadder is a hosted weblog service. ipadder lets you build your own template and stylesheets. try ipadder now, your weblog will be ready instantly.

  31. Emo Blog
    Emo Blog is a Free Blog Hosting Community where you may publish information instantly on your website and customize your blog to fit your personality. It basically works like an online journal, diary, weblog, or notepad and requires little or no technical background to update and maintain. Your blog posts are arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured prominently for your friends and family to view. With Emo Blog you are able to add a photo, search, create your own personal template layout or you may use one of our free themes. Our software was developed for those who are interested in having their blog hosted on the web at no charge with no banner advertisements.

  32. Blurty
    Create your own Blurty journal and instantly become part of one of the fastest growing communities on the web. If you're over 18 years old and you have something to say, then you're just the kind of person we're looking for.

  33. Blog Studio
    A fast, free, simple and reliable blogging service
    and host that breaks new ground.

  34. IlohaBlog
    IlohaBlog is an easy to use yet feature rich weblog system. You can easily create, customize, and maintain your own weblog from the web without having to worry about the nitty gritty technical details.

  35. blogpage
    Create your own homepage for all or just a privileged few to see. Write public or private blogs in one of our many sites. Write comments to other blogpagers' blogs. Send private messages

  36. Livejournal
    a great place to have a community of readers

  37. xanga
    get a xanga

  38. Tabulas
    It has centralized gallery and journal management

  39. Upsaid web journaling service
    Basic account features (Free):* Built-in comments; Sidebars templates; * Page hit counter; * Guestbook; * Upsaid columns; * Web poll ; * QuickLinks; * Quotes display; * Block IPs / Upsaid users

  40. NewsBox2
    NewsBox2 allows you to post news to your site through a password protected admin tool. With this news system, you can archive entries by month, limit the number of visible entries, and easily customize the html formatting the entries. This is the code I use on my home page to post news.

Saatnya mendapatkan hak kita. Surfing dibayar. Referring temen juga dibayar. Daftar GRATIS! Di Agloco, nggak ada biaya tersembunyi. 100% GRATIS!!


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