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February 18, 2007

How to Write an Effective Author's Box

by: Tata Danamihardja
Author's Box is a short description at the end of an article. This is a great tool to promote your site or blog address, or even just your email address. I you do run a business, just imagine this as the gate to your business. Or let's think about simple but attractive display of your shop.
When people see an interesting or attractive display, at least he/she will stop for a while to enjoy the sight. Next possibility is he/she will enter your shop to find out if  the real stuffs you sell are as attractive as what displayed on your shop's window. If your visitors are satisfied with what they find, they will probably make a business deal with you. If this happen repeatedly, it means that your business is running well.
Author's box has almost the same function with display in a store. It shouldn't be fancy, but it SHOULD be interesting. Use active sentence(s) with simple words so that it will be easier to understand. Remember, this is not a poem contest :-)
If you submit your article to an article resources website such as EzineArticles.com, there's a great possibility that your article will be republished by unlimited number websites or even other article resources publishers. Of course your author's box containing your link will be republished too.
So, don't forget to put a link to your blog or  website on the author's box.. Just write down your link as it is. I mean, if your link is http://moneysucker.co.nr just write down like that. Don't write Click here with a link put under these words. Why? Because we never know if someone who want to republish our article has much time to copy and paste it into his/her html editor. There is always possibility that he/she just copy and paste it into text editor such as notepad. If you only write down a click-here with link under those words, your link will never be shown at all when your article is republished.
What does it mean? You have just lost your invaluable key to add traffic to your website.

Tata Danamihardja, an English Indonesian Translator (http://translator.co.nr), is now learning internet business too (http://moneysucker.co.nr).


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